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Life as Sime Darby Scholar (Part 2) : World Cultural Day @ Beijing Language and Culture University


Hey guys! So, many of you asked me about the cultural event in BLCU and I promised to write about it. So, here goes! The post is finally here. Sorry for the delay.

What happens is every* university in China has an event called the “World Cultural Day” where there will be booths from every country and the students from each of these countries showcasing their culture, food and tradition. In my university, it was a huge event because there are thousands of students from all over the world! Name any country and there will be students studying here. Our morning started out beautifully as we were all dressed in traditional outfits.





The event started with a parade of people wearing their traditional outfits.


DSC_0029  DSC_0031

And continued with performances by representatives from each country and everyone would visit different booths to try different food, play games and watch performances.


This was the Malaysian food sample, called “Burgerdeal” given out.

Then we walked around the whole field and just take selfies and pictures!!









 The booths are beautifully decorated. The pictures below are booths and exhibitions from ‘Macedonia’ , ‘Macau’ , ‘Thailand’, ‘Korea’

IMG_4175 IMG_4174IMG_4162IMG_4156 IMG_4155IMG_4227


So, basically it was.. booth selfie selfie booth booth games selfie selfie booth booth games selfie selfie selfie selfie selfie selfie.. (you get it, right?)



(with Lingyi Lu/ Lulu from China)


We also have a section where other students were given the opportunity to try Malaysian traditional clothes. The beautiful girl from Kirgystan  decided to try the baju kurung and tudung, and here my Syrian friend in Baju Melayu.

IMG_4359 IMG_4183

Now, I am just going to show you pictures. Enjoy!


(Friends from Saudi Arabia dressed in traditional clothes)



(people from all walks of life)




(with the Korean mascot)




(with the beautiful Malaysian babes)

This guy from Egypt, I would say, had the best looking costume! He looks awesome doesn’t he?


All in all, I felt that this was a wonderful exposure. We received French Kisses from the France booth, Belgium Chocolates, sushi, champagne and so much more! I would gladly say that it was one of the best experiences ever.