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Benefit Fake Up Concealer


Hey there happylicious awesomeness! I have an awesome post here and I hope you’re having an awesome day so far! I recently went to Singapore and visited their Sephora on Orchard Road and it was HEAVEN! I went on a major shopping haul and I have to say, I am so happy with EVERYTHING!

One of it is the Benifit Fake Up Concealer! I have tried other brands like Maybelline before but believe me, nothing gives coverage like this one!


They live by the saying “Laughter is the best cosmetic…so grin and wear it!”

images (4)

Starting out small in 1976 by a pair of twin sisters, Benifit cosmetics has become a world-recognised brand.Today I am going to introduce to you one of their bestsellers which is the “Benefit Fake Up Concealer”Benefit-Fake-Up-Crease-Control-Hydrating-Concealer




What it is?
A lightweight hydrating concealer spying as a lipstick that instantly hides dark circles and diffuses fine lines for silky smooth Au natural look. The first of its kind formula by Benefit Cosmetics proven to keep skin hydrated up to six hours. (source: Benefit Cosmetics)


Benefit Fake Up Hydrating Concealer Review, Swatch, Swatches and Photos (8)

Beautiful isn’t it? Best part? It comes in 3 shades!





  I use the 03 Deep as I have a darker skin shade.


I have an awful case of dark circles under my eyes which makes my face look tired all the time.Do you have the same problem?

Here’s your answer!

How To Apply?

Using the lipstick like concealer stroke the fake up underneath each eye area and gently pat outward to blend with your finger. Touch up on your existing concealer or make up to hydrate and freshen up. Benefit Cosmetic says it won’t cake, crease or settle! You can also combine it with other Benefit products (the secret formula) for an instant  eye makeover.

 PicMonkey Collage (2)

What you have to do is, draw a curved shape under your eyes like what I have done..

PicMonkey Collage (3)

and  use your fingers, or a concealer brush (I prefer my fingers) to blend it all in.


TADA!!!!! Dark circles vanished!


Its also great for pimple scars. Just dab it on the spot and it gives awesome coverage!!

How Much?
It’s RM90.00/ $40 each available from Benefit Cosmetics counter and it is also available at Sephora outlets nationwide. 
[Benefit Boutiques & Counters]
Benefit Boutiques:
1 Utama : 03-7733 3930
Sephora Starhill : 03-2148 5592
Mid Valley : 03-2282 9266
Alamanda : 03-8893 5033
 Gurney Plaza, Penang : 04-2293702

Benefit Counters:
Parkson, Sunway Pyramid (with brow bar): 03-5631 6300
Parkson, KLCC (with brow bar): 03- 21642187
Parkson, Pavilion (with brow bar): 03-21414601
C&F, KLIA: 03-87873785
Sephora KLCC ( with brow bar): 03-2164 9688
Sephora Paradigm Mall: 03-7886 8319
Sephora Starhill: 03-2141 6688
Sephora Sunway: 03- 5633 7099
Sephora Nu Sentral: 6012-379 8062
Sephora Queensbay: 6013-379 3806

I would give this product a 10/10 because it really makes a difference! Do give it a try! If you have tried this before or you have an awesome brand that you have been using, do let me know in the comments section below! Till next time.. ❤
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MY shopping haul at MR.DIY

MY shopping haul at MR.DIY

Hey there! Having an awesome day?

Well, guess what? Your day just got better!

Ever wanted something so badly but could not buy it because when you opened your wallet, butterflies flew out?



Well, no worries.Today I am going to tell you about how you can save money by shopping at MR D.I.Y.!

images (1)

I am sure many of you have seen or heard of MR D.I.Y., but never stepped into their store before.

Well, things are about to change.

Here’s a little something you might want to know about them. MR. D.I.Y. was established in July 2005 with the purpose of providing consumers with the convenience of a one-stop outlet for all their shopping needs. Nine years ago, they opened our first outlet at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kuala Lumpur. Today, MR. D.I.Y.has proudly spread their enterprises throughout the country with over 90 outlets throughout West Malaysia. KUDOS!

We all have different hobbies and past times, different needs in life and different monthly budgets. I can assure you that MR D.I.Y caters for all your needs.

Here are the items I shopped for today!

I needed to buy tupperwares for my sister to take food to school, and I wasn’t expecting much but my, was I in for a shock! It was like a “world of tupperwares”. All shapes and sizes. In so many different colours, for so many purposes!


(picture: a huge variety of plastic containers)




I finally settled for this two containers for my sister! Purple and pink, with THREE compartments and it was priced at ONLY RM2.50! Wonderful isn’t it?

Next. I had to buy plastic containers to put cookies inside


IMG_0454          IMG_0453

Would you believe it? I bought two containers (BPA FREE) for ONLY RM4.20 and its air tight too!

I was dizzy with excitement by the time I reached the baking section! They had so many mini cupcake cups in so many beautiful patters and colours.


After spending so long staring at each one of them, I finally bought these two patterns for RM3.90 each.

IMG_0450       IMG_0451

(picture: beautiful and girly looking cupcake cups)

 Next, I bought a ladle for cooking. Where else can you find a RM2.90 ladle? and I even used it this morning, and I have to say I am very happy with the results!


 (picture: ladle from MR.D.I.Y.)

 I even found these cute little forks and spoons for only RM3.50! adorbs aren’t they???


(picture: spoon and fork in 4 colours)

IMG_0467 IMG_0466

This place is also a shopping heaven for gardeners! They had spades, sprays and everything imaginable! The plants needed some caring, so I came back with a spade and spray for the lowest price!

 Oh, and ever felt like your Astro remote disappears magically?? Well, they have a wonderful solution!


Astro remotes are sold for only RM7.90!

The final item I purchased was this super glue!


All in all, I was so happy with my purchases, and I would definitely recommend MR. D.I.Y. to everyone!

For more information, you can like their Facebook page here ( Happy shopping!

images (1)

Ever had a wonderful shopping experience at MR.D.I.Y. before? Let me know in the comments section below! Till next time, loves!

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Shokubutsu Japan Original – Sakura Whitening

Shokubutsu Japan Original – Sakura Whitening

Hey my Happylicious awesome readers! *hugs and kisses* to the one reading! Hope you’re having an awesome week!! Have you read my post about travelling in China? No? Well..fret not. You can read it here (

Today, I am going to tell you about one of the most famous brands that produce the best shower foam! SHOKUBUTSU

About Shokubutsu

 Shokubutsu in Japanese means ‘plant’ which means their shower foam are plant based and made from natural ingredients! This makes their products safe to be used.Shokubutsu was introduced in Malaysia as the first body wash with Japan original formulation that is made of 100% plant cleansing ingredients. Shokubutsu gained fast acceptance and is exceptionally popular with its long lasting plant infused fragrance.The brand has three sub brands – Shokubutsu Japan Original, Shokubutsu World Famous Bathing Series (Plant Collagen) & Shokubutsu Active Guard (Medicated Shower Foam).

Shokubutsu Japan Original shower foam comes in 4 different variants that are enriched with 100% plant extract that gives plant nourishment onto skin. Additionally, each variant comes with a pleasing long-lasting plant infused fragrance.

Sakura Whitening – Fair and Flawless Skin
Shokubutsu Sakura whitening with Sakura extract helps whiten skin to produce a more flawless skin and also removes blemishes
Green Tea Harmony – Rejuvenate and Renew
Shokubutsu Green Tea Harmony with Green Tea extract helps replenish the nutrients onto skin and rejuvenate skin for renewed radiance.
Green Freshness – Revitalize and Shine
Shokubutsu Green Freshness with Grapeseed extract helps protect skin from premature aging and returning it to its revitalized skin.
Orange Peel Sensation – Firm and Vibrant
Shokubutsu Orange Peel Sensation with Orange Peel Oil gently cleanses and re-energises skin with its vitamin goodness while helping to make skin firmer and vibrant.
Floral Delight – Soft and Supple
Shokubutsu Floral Delight with Iris Oil helps balancing moisture on skin naturally making it soft and supple.
Shokubutsu’s “Triple Power of Plants” contain:
100% plant cleansing Ingredients
100% plant restoration with Nuka oil*
100% plant nourishment from sakura extract
FYI, Nuka Oil is also known as Rice Bran Oil which is an anti-aging secret of Japanese women. It contains Oryzanol and Vitamin E, a natural source that is rich in antioxidants to help skin restoration for lively radiance!
Today I am glad to be able to review the Sakura Whitening shower foam.
I have to say , I have so many positive things to say about it! Taking a shower with this shower foam this morning really put me in a good mood. The smell relaxed me and I feel so refreshed…and the best part?? ITS PINK!!! 
I was a little disappointed that this product did not come with a pump, because I believe that make-up,shampoos and shower gels with pumps reduce wastage of the product. 
As soon as I poured it onto my palm I felt like I was holding the softest wool, the lightest feather, the softest silk. It was a beautiful feeling.
I poured a very tiny amount onto my hands, as you can see.
It lathers so beautifully, doesnt it?
After rinsing it off, these are the results.
PicMonkey Collage (1)
Honestly, I was so surprised with the results! My skin feels so hydrated and soft. The smell was also so sweet and it made me feel like I’m floating on clouds! Its affordable and gives you the best feeling in the world! My insides just felt like jumping up and dancing! 

Shokubutsu Japan Original is available in all the leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies nationwide at RM5.90 for a 220g bottle, RM7.90 for a 550g refill pack and RM13.90 for a 650g bottle.

I would definitely recommend this shower foam especially if you’re living the stressed life, or even if you JUST WANT BEAUTIFUL SKIN. Its not only affordable, but it also gives you visible results! If you have ever used this product before or if you have used a wonderful shower foam that gives excellent results, let me know in the comments below! 

Till next time my Happylicious darlings! 

Disclaimer: Photos taken above are not edited and the product was sent to me for review purposes. However this does not affect my judgement in the review in any way and all opinions expressed are solely my own. 

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